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17 stock + 9 grey's anatomy + 7 leona lewis icons + 3 banners

Wow. It has been a LONG LONG time since my last post. I am really sorry for the sudden disappearance of both jennijube and me. We got swamped with real life. Hopefully we'll be able to do a better job keep up with this community :)
Anyways, a new graphics post which has been lobe overdue. Hope you guys like the stuff.

17 x Stock icons
9 x Grey's Anatomy icons
7 x Leona Lewis icons
2 x Banners (Fashion)

image image image


01. image 02. image 03. image 04. image
05. image 06. removed 07. image 08. image
09. image 10. image 11. image 12. image
13. image 14. image 15. image 16. image
17. image


01. image 02. image 03. image 04. image
05. image 06. image 07. image 08. image
09. image


01. image 02. image 03. image 04. image
05. image 06. image 07. image




Tags: banners, fashion, headers, icons, stock, tv shows, user: cardcaptur
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your stock icons are so unique and ramdom. i like your style! saving the winter ones. will credit! thanks.
love the leona lewis icons ~ snagging #01 and #04 from that batch! :D
I like how clean some of the stock icons are. I'm saving the dragonfly one. Thank you!
Weeeeeeee! Jay's graphics are back =D
Snaggles #3, definitely. Love that one.
And I love the colouring and cropping on #4 :)
And I am totally stealing that Gemma banner :) Perfection!
Thanks Jay! =D
I'm glad you like that icon, its actually the oldest in the batch xD
Thank you <3
Aww, how pretty! I took #4, 6, 7, 9 and 13. Thank you! :)
May I ask where you found the photo for Stock #7? Because, AFAIK, this is a copyrighted non-stock DA photo made by violetsteel:

I wonder if she sold it or somebody reposted it without her permission or what.
I actually got the image from dream_icontest :/
I didn't know it was a copyrighted image... I guess I should remove it >.<


8 years ago

incredible icons...
there is so much tenderness in every work... it seems like warm evening^^
so beautiful...
save a lot of!
and I like no...I LOVE the banners!
they're awesome!
Thank you very much :)
I took stock #6, will credit. Thanks!
I took stock #7! They're all beautiful!!! :)
Gorgeous! I especially love your stock icons!
Yay! It's so good to see your iconing back =D
Your coloring is flawless and the last banner is beautiful *.*
Hope to see more soon Jay ;D
OMG! You're still alive? xD
How have you been? :)

And thank you :)
I like 16 - nice work :)
Amazing work! ♥
No. 08 is so cute! I took it. Will def. credit :)
Thanks for sharing!
I took numbers three and seven from your stock batch.

Very refreshing... Thank you.
Omg, your icons are the best thing happened in my internet life. I'm so using #3, 7, 11, 13. Plus much love for everything else.
I want to use the mega gorgeous profile banners, don't know where I should put them and with profile page lauout now looking super ugly it's even more depressing ;_;
Anyhow, I didn't mean that your post was depressing, your post actually made me super happy today. Post more often!
P.S. Why are you frustrated?


8 years ago


8 years ago

nice! snagged few stocks, will credit if use ;)
I snaggled 3 & 9 of the stock icons! Sooo pretty! Thanks.
i love the graphics. snagging the last two.

Deleted comment

Real life happens :) Nothing we can do about it.

I have to say, you have some of the most amazing stock icons ever. They're always so mystical and beautiful.


December 15 2008, 07:36:41 UTC 8 years ago

Hi. I chanced upon this webpage and I really love the icons. I would like to ask if I can use any of them at any time unless otherwise stated? You will be creditted anyway. :)


December 15 2008, 08:06:24 UTC 8 years ago

Am I allowed to use any of the icons in this um, community? o.o Do I credit you or...? Sry, I am kind of new in this kind of using-other-people's-images thing. I am afraid that I credit wrongly or something. ):
Just found this place and I love the winter and chocolate icons. One of them is currently my default. Really pretty! Thanks!
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