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26 stock icons

Finally making a icon post after almost three years!
This batch is pure stock (♥), mostly from all the contest I entered recently and some are two to three years old :P
Hope you guys like them :)

26 x Stock Icons

image image image

01. image 02. image 03. image 04. image
05. image 06. image 07. image 08. image
09. image 10. image 11. image 12. image
13. image 14. image 15. image 16. image
17. image 18. image 19. image 20. image
21. image 22. image 23. image 24. image
25. image 26. image

Tags: icons, stock, user: cardcaptur
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Your stock icons are beautiful. It takes me back to the days I have been making stock stuff. :) I love #03, #05, #11, #21, and #22.
Thank you :)
I still do colouring and use textures like they use to 3 years ago so maybe that's why they remind you of your older icons xD
I really like 10, 14 and 15. Your cropping is amazing.
Thank you :D
I think with all my icons the crop is the only thing I'm even remotely ever happy with :P
Lovely coloring and use of textures. 6, 13 & 18 are my favourites.
Thank you :)
I predominantly use fill colour layers and textures for colouring as opposed to only curves, colour balance and selective colouring :P
These are lovely! I took 08, will credit if I use.
These are so lovely, #6 looks magical.
I really like your style. Textures, colouring -- very pretty. :)


July 26 2011, 19:11:32 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  July 26 2011, 19:13:59 UTC

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your name on my flist.

Great batch, and glad you're semi back! lol <3

(snatched #3, #21, and #25 btw.)
Ah its good to see a familiar username ;D
Thank you :)
Beautiful icons. I especially like 10 and 15.
my faves are 1, 3, and 20. i was finally able to get on lj so figured i check out the icon comms of some of the regulars on next icon. i really like your work.

on another note, i was wondering if you'd consider affiliating with my new (and under construction) icon com sanctuary_dove
Thank you :)
Sure! I'll add it the moment LJ stops being mean and allows me to make posts and stuff :P


6 years ago


6 years ago

You are so amazing.
Love love love 12 and 13!
Thank you spammie ;D