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miles to go before i sleep

4 stickers.

Entries for the "Sticky Fingers" challenge at landofart. You can probably tell from the stickers that after the first one my creative juices started drying up ^^

4x Stickers (2 Fashion, 2 Stock)



(click on the images to see the full version)
image image

image image

Tags: fashion, stickers, stock, tv shows, user: cardcaptur
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these are flawless. absolute flawless <3 my favorite is the vampire diaries one <3
Awe thank you! <3
Its my favourite as well. It took me a century to make that one xD
OMG, these are awesome!! ♥
I want to print them out and put them on my calender. :D
Awe you're too kind! <3
I wanted to make Matt Boner Bomer one but thought that would be too expected xD
I'm not, your graphics are just awesome! :D
You still should have made one.^^
Are you back home hun?
Thank you <3
I might make one later :P
Yup, got back last night. Though I think I'm still tired from the journey so I might sleep early today xD
gorgeous! ♥
Thanks :)
hey sweetie --- can you take off the TVD one? since you put it down as the one for voting :)
Whoops! Done. Sorry about that ^^
These are lovely! My favorite's the blue one, though. The text works very nicely there.
Thank you :)
Those are my favourite stock images :P
Wow pretty! The infinity one is my fave.
Thank you ^^
My God these are wonderful asdfghjkl ♥ I'm speechless.
Thank you! You're too kind ^^
That's the truth! The composition is flawless! ♥

ps- do you know who's the model in the first one?
Thank you again ^^
The model is Mateja Penava :)