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the necessary.

In case anyone is wondering here is a list of all the places (on LJ and others) where I get my stuff (brushes/textures/images) from :)


On LJ:
100x100_brushes icon_extras discolore
77words emonet25 damnicons ewanism toybirds infinitiva

Spy Glasses V Brush Braggadocio Bit Box


On LJ:
fontshare fontaddicts

Font Freak Da Font Font for Peas Misprinted Urban Fonts Font Squirrel


On LJ:
foto_decadent (Fashion) hires_hotties (Female celebrities)
celebrity_city (Random celebrities) whoresque (Avatar: The Last Airbender screencaps)

Stock Image Sites:
Flickr Stock Exchng Getty Images Veer Tokyo Blue Vertigo

Celebrity Sites:
Britney Resolution - Britney Spears Cate Blanchett - Cate Blanchett
Xtina Web - Christina Aguilera OH-Hilary - Hilary Duff
Jennifer-Hudson - Jennifer Hudson Mariah-Source - Mariah Carey
Scarlett-Fan - Scarlett Johansson Sweet and Talented - Random celebrities

Monochrome - Studio Ghibli movies screen caps (by depperte)
Home of the Nutty - TV show and movie screencaps (homeofthenutty)


On LJ:
77words cdg

Kaliber10000 Squidfingers


On LJ:
awmpdotnet chemista icon_extras iconistas freshmakers futurelights graphic_sl loveicon weapon_icons icon_fm coffeeforcloser magnetboyicons distractiions faerydreamz oblivion_ic discolore _sinelinea onlydreamers whoredom_bases world_dreams violetterosa soaked cooloring x2x_graphics folded_arts frictionally dearest chippugp lifeisdolce re_cycled fuentedesoda magicaltrio lifeisdolce thest_one serene_infinity chippugp xswaniconsx fangirl_loves iroppoii vikyvampirs90 vividtruth 3psy mirrorskies tiger_tutorials iconpunch

unmasked_icons wash_when_dirty toybirds ytiralc damnicons lookslikerain eternalphoenix_ blimey_icons perfectlyflawed padabee icon_maiden urbanstrokes kekoah girlboheme heygingersnap cheyenne_maria sir winter_kismet dactyliotheca ewanism backto505 infinitiva tihana iamellie kiriebot kristallsturm xenachan artphilia memora_obscura resilients colorfilter evenindeath summer_lie bulgocrazyi lelymarques music_fun lelymarques cielo_gris mangoninja juanxyo trapne 78777

Hybrid Genesis (by inxsomniax)
Disaster Pieces (by tragic_icons)
Tokyo (by moskitoo)
Pale Sepetembre @ deviantART (by pale_septembre)
Tune the Sky (by samuraiblues)

More places will be added along the way :)

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