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stock: shadows chasing light


jennijube and I cannot thank you guys enough for making this community so successful! We really appreciate each and every one of your support :*

We have 212 214 members and 262 watchers! YAY! :D

So, in keep with the tradition, I will accept requests for interest icons/banner for the first 20 commenters :)
You can ask for 2 icons or one banner. If you would like me to icon a specific image then you're more than welcome to ask for it :)

[20/20] + 1

Graphics will be posted by the end of the next week :p

stock: shadows chasing light

oh. my. god.



I'm sure I speak for both of us, jennijube and myself, when I say THANK YOU!
We started this community a little over two months ago and to have 100+ watchers is really amazing. Thank you once again :)

To show my appreciation, I'm doing a interest icon post for the first 20 users who reply here. You can either ask for 2 interest icons or one banner/header (size your choice). People on my f-list get a sure spot :)
Also let me know if you want to have your icons/banner shareable or non-shareable. :)

COUNT: 20 + 1